Lignicity is a woodworking company based in Springfield, Oregon, primarily serving Eugene, Portland, Corvallis, Medford, and Grants Pass, but the rest of the U.S. as well. Great materials, design, and service are what keep myself and my customers happy! Bed frames are most of what I make but I also build cribs, nightstands, tables, almost anything. Yes, I can ship to you!

Please note that you are not limited to just what you see here, as I can make almost anything. I can incorporate metalwork, LED lighting, USB charging ports, and possibly other custom add-ons.


New Options

High voltage-burned cherry/curly walnut/curly maple "floating" queen

Trundle beds

Having been asked many times in the past, I finally designed and built a trundle bed frame.  It has a queen mattress on top with a twin underneath.  A nice feature is that I hid the wheels on the twin frame up inside its legs, so it "floats" over the hardwood floor....

A new style of bed frame

I recently built a California King fir platform frame with oak plywood cladding to make a "box" to mostly-enclose the mattress, per a customer's request.  The legs are solid oak but the structure of the frame is fir to keep the cost down since it isn't visible from...

The nicest frame yet

Finally, a customer decided to get a frame with two woods!     This is a queen bed frame with 15 slats, made of black walnut with a strip of curly maple running along the bottom.  The finish is pure (no thinner) tung oil, sanded smooth as glass.  Careful...