Built like a tank but better looking, a platform bed frame from Lignicity is very well-designed, easy to assemble, and low in fat.  Standard frames are made of kiln-dried fir, the hardwood frames are made of a wood of your choosing, and all frames come with your choice of leg height.

All items are built to last from locally-sourced and/or grown materials.  Nothing is just stapled together and particle board is not on the menu anywhere. Thanks to the unique design, the bolts do not bear any weight, they simply keep things held together.

The notches on the ends of the center support (two supports on king frames, one on queen and full, none on twin) mate with notches on the end rails, and the weight of the rails is borne on the “shelves” cut into the legs.  The platform slats simply drop into place between the spacers in the rails.  Using an electric drill or driver, assembly takes only about 10-15 minutes.
NOTE: All frames come with 13 slats standard (with 15 as an option, or standard on hardwood frames), not 9 like you see in some of the photos on this site.  The design is otherwise the same but frames now have more slats.  Also, all frames now come with the bolt holes plugged.  More photos of this feature will be available as new frames are built.