Many people ask many of the same questions when inquiring about a bed frame from Lignicity, so reading through this will save everybody time!

Q: How far off the floor are your bed frames?
A: The height is whatever you want, within reason.

Q: How do I get my frame home?  Does it come in pieces?  Do you deliver?
A: All bed frames come disassembled, and basic frames without drawers/headboards will fit in almost any car.  We offer delivery and setup for $40 to the main Eugene/Springfield area.  Ask us about other areas.  The vast majority of our customers pick up their frames.

Q: How easy is it to assemble my bed frame?
A: Very.  If you can put together something from a certain Swedish furniture store, you can put together one of our bed frames with half the effort and 1/17 the frustration.  All parts are labeled and assembly is almost self-explanatory.  We’ll have assembly instructions on this site at some point but that hasn’t been necessary so far, as verbal instructions are all that our customers need since assembly is so straightforward.

Q: Do you stain frames to match my other furniture?
A: We don’t use conventional wood stains (which are toxic) but the shellac we use, which is actually a finish, comes in a range of wood-tone colors so it can have a similar effect while providing some protection at the same time.  We never say that we can exactly match the color of your other furniture but we try our best to get pretty close.

Q: Pardon my asking, but how strong are your bed frames?  I’m tired of cheap furniture that breaks!
A: We aren’t sure how much weight one of our frames can hold, but it’s probably over 1,000 pounds (evenly distributed), possibly closer to one or even two tons.  We’ve built nearly 200 bed frames so far and not one of them has broken or had any other issues.  We don’t build anything unless it’s stronger than it needs to be.

Q: I have an idea for a custom frame in mind.  Do you do custom work?
A: Yes!  Headboards are a great place to customize, but we can do other things too.

Q: How long does it take to get my frame?
A: Lead time varies considerably, depending on what you order and how many other orders we’re working on.  A basic unfinished fir frame takes far less time to build than one with drawers and a headboard, and hardwood frames take the most time.  Figure on at least a couple of weeks at the short end, somewhere over a month on the long end.

Q: Do you require a deposit?
A: Yes, and when we receive your 50% deposit largely determines where you are in our build queue.

Q: Do you like it when people actually read stuff like this?
A: Yes! Thank you for reading this, which saves me some time (by not having to reiterate what’s already on this site), which I very much appreciate. Tell me that you read this all the way and I’ll give you $5 off your order. It isn’t a lot, but it’s an easy way to save $5, which could buy you 10 stamps, which could mail 10 letters, which could earn you the admiration of 10 letter-receiving people!