Add-on shelves

If you want a night stand and like an uncluttered appearance and/or want to save floor space, take a look at my clip-on night stands/shelves. They hook on to the lip on the top of my (original design) bed frames, so they can be placed anywhere on the frame. The new version of the shelves is in the first two photos below, and the older design is in the other photos.

There is a wireless phone charging coil underneath the curly cherry circle in the top surface of the shelf in the first two photos. To charge a compatible (Qi-enabled) device, you simply place it on the circle, the (yellow, not blue!) LED next to it lights up, and charging begins! Also, because technology changes, the shelf is designed to come apart so the electronics can be upgraded. You can get a clip-on shelf of either the new or original design without the wireless charger if you don’t want it.

Due to the weight of it, the lack of availability of fir plywood that matches the fir frames, and my insistence on never making something that couldĀ break (I can’t be certain that the lip on a fir frame could hold the weight), these shelves are available for hardwood frames only.