Most bed frames follow the conventional method of construction in which the headboard and footboard are part of the structure of the frame.  Our modular design starts with the basic frame and then adds on to it, so the headboard and/or footboard bolts onto the outside of the frame.  This gives you the option of using the frame by itself, without the head/footboard, if your situation changes in the future.  It also means that you can buy the basic frame now and add a headboard or footboard later.

Like everything we make, our headboards and footboards are built from glued-up pieces of solid wood (glue joints are stronger than the wood they join), not particle board or laminates.  We currently offer two standard styles, one with vertical slats and one with horizontal slats, and the size and spacing of the slats can often be customized.  Specialized custom designs can often be accommodated as well.